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Episode 29 - Final App News Of S1

Episode 29 - Final App News Of S1

September 6, 2022
  • MyWorkpapers improves Excel integration with Excel Connect 
  • HMRC to tender £4.5bn contract for software services to remove legacy tech
  • Digital promissory notes first from Lloyds (modernising 4000 year old transactions!) 
  • Comma updates – hiding payroll payments from users who didn’t set them up, SVB notice of how long it will take to validate payments, Bankline reminder to login to confirm payments
  • Crezco launch an integration with WooCommerce so you can take payments. Just need to download a plugin. Also announced a new Pay feature, FoC for now, with a premium feature expected at the end of September which will feature the ability to create pay runs and bulk pay
  • Fathom acquired by The Access Group
  • Capium raise £3m
  • Pleo – can now pay invoices on behalf of clients (enabled by client admin)
  • Xerocon US announcements regarding use of Locate Inventory tech launching into Xero product
  • Know-IT launch - £49.99pm - Xero, QBO, Sage, Freeagent
  • Capital on Tap, a UK small business credit card and expense management platform, received a £200 million funding facility from JP Morgan and Triple Point
Episode 28 - The day after the night before

Episode 28 - The day after the night before

August 31, 2022

OK so not quite the day after, in keeping with holidays, this episode is a pick 'n' mix for those who have managed to get through all the kids films in the cinema this summer.

This is our Back To School medley where John, Ryan and Indi interview Alex Von Schirmeister, EMEA MD of Xero, to talk about the release of XeroGo and Xero Instant Pay - as well as the plan for European expansion. 

Followed by a quick update from Johann Goree, our QuickBooks Expert, to get the inside view on QuickBooks Online Advanced. Is it the same as the US version? Seems like a cheaper price than the US - what's the catch?

And finally John and Ryan are joined by the charismatic and charming Amy Cotton to evaluate the feedback post Xerocon. Are the releases appealing enough? Was Xerocon worth the visit in the heatwave? Why are teacups not fixed to the saucers?!

Find out all in this episode.

Episode 27 - Summer App & Industry News

Episode 27 - Summer App & Industry News

August 26, 2022
Episode 26 - Under the hood of Xero with Steve Vamos

Episode 26 - Under the hood of Xero with Steve Vamos

July 20, 2022

In line with Xerocon 2022 - the first Xerocon in the UK for 3 years (!) - we sit down with Steve Vamos, CEO of Xero, to talk about what is really driving the Xero product. Is it software, people, culture or customer need? 

As with all our pods you can trust we asked some prudent questions and get to know more about the new world Xero mindset. Big thanks to Steve and the whole Xero team for their support in making this happen. If you're missing out on Xerocon then here's 50 minutes you won't want to miss.


Combined with app news for a bumper update on industry happenings. Featuring: 

  • Sage and ACCA - announce release of e-learning on accounting software and cloud accounting tools – hitting more than 30,000 students - Post | LinkedIn
  • MTD for VAT penalty systems – from 1st June 2022 - £400 for not filing through software - £5-£15 per day for not keeping digital records – comment on digital links. Up to £5,475 annual penalty for digital link breach – 100% for not using checking systems - The lowdown on HMRC’s penalty system for MTD for VAT - FreeAgent
  • Sage – terminating accounts below v26.2 from Sep 22 
  • Syft updates – excel connector, updates to dashboards with prior period data, audit tracking for anomalies, dormant accounts tidy, sales product tracking 
  • IRIS Elements releases 6 new connections - Proposals, AML, Accounts production, Tax, Practice management and financial performance review- Post | LinkedIn
  • Accounting Excellence finalists – well done to the line up of great people. Shout out to Emily Deakin, Rachel Martin, Samantha Mitcham, Pink Pig financials (Cheryl Sharp), Accounts and Legal (Stuart Hurst), de Jong Phillips (pamela phillips), Ad Valorem (Nigel Adams), Alex Falcon, and all the team at Capitalise, Clarity, Fathom, Join, Reducer, Airpa, Dext, Crezco, Iplicit, Sage, Konsolidator and Karbon. Interesting range of apps - 2022 Accounting Excellence finalists revealed | AccountingWEB
Episode 25 - LIVE at DAS covering Restaurant & Hospitality Tech

Episode 25 - LIVE at DAS covering Restaurant & Hospitality Tech

July 14, 2022

Missed our session at DAS or just missing DAS generally? Don't worry we have you covered with this short 20 minute recording from the show!

Do you have clients in the restaurant and hospitality sectors? Want to learn what apps and tech other accountants are using to serve them best?

In this live podcast taping, John Toon (Beethers & Struthers), Ryan Pearcy (Scrutton Bland), and Indi Tatla (AREX Markets) share the best apps and tech-stack for serving these clients. 

Episode 24 - The MazApp with Lucy Cohen

Episode 24 - The MazApp with Lucy Cohen

July 4, 2022

How many accountants does it take to build the perfect accounting software? In this case, just one.

In this episode we catch up with Lucy Cohen from Mazuma to cover all things MazApp, accounting tech and neobanks. If you're curious about MazApp and how it fits into the future of the accountant workflow theb give this a whizz.

Episode 23 - App News

Episode 23 - App News

June 27, 2022

This week in app news:

Episode 22 - All Aussie Accounting with Andrew Van Der Beek

Episode 22 - All Aussie Accounting with Andrew Van Der Beek

June 20, 2022

Andrew Van Der Beek, Founder of Aussie Accounting Firm Illumin8, graces us with his presence to share his journey from accounting upstart to global accounting all star. Andrew has just completed his UK tour sharing his learnings from the last 10 years, the inside rumblings from Xero and the optimum app tech stack.

Tune in! 40 minutes and not one to miss.

Episode 21 - App News

Episode 21 - App News

June 6, 2022

In this week's app news bumper, find out more about...

Episode 20 - Libeo Feature Episode

Episode 20 - Libeo Feature Episode

May 27, 2022

Learn more about the fascinating and fast paced payment space in this feature length episode with Libeo. We put the super spotlight on Libeo and discover more about what a frictionless payment experience means for Libeo, the Accountant and for businesses.

From our time with Pierre, Co-Founder of Libeo, and Glen, MD UK & Northern Europe, we explore what differentiates them in this space and the pain points they've worked hard to remove. Libeo have raised €20m to scale up their model and introduce the benefits of wallet payments and open banking to businesses across Europe. 

And as always we love a little speculation - consolidations and acquisitions. 

Share your feedback or your predictions!

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